Financial Services Industry

In the last few years, the financial sector in Bangladesh has seen phenomenal growth in terms of technology and the services that it provides. ADN Technologies has been in the forefront of all the excitement that goes along with this revolution.

A growing financial entity has numerous needs in terms of hardware and software solutions. We have a comprehensive line of products and solutions that cater to this need.

Our line of offerings includes:

# Point Of Sale (POS) terminals
# Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
# Card printers & personalization solutions
# Core Banking Systems (CBS)
# ATM switching software
# Fully integrated Card Management System (CMS)
# Call Centre solutions and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
# Plastic cards (credit, debit & other proprietary cards)
# Paper rolls for POS and ATM
# And various products complementing the above solutions

As technology partners to various banks throughout the country, we work with the latest cutting edge products to feed the e-banking needs of this Financial Services Industry (FSI).

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