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The enterprise business division of ADN Technologies offers you Unified Communications, Contact Center and Networking Solutions. We are here to help you choose, manage and provide seamless upgradeability of all your enterprise communication needs; be it voice, data, video or security solutions. Our key customers are from Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Financial Services Industry (FSI), Telecommunications Companies and Multi National Companies (MNC).

Unified Communication is the convergence of real-time and non-real-time business communication applications. These applications include telephony, conferencing, email, voice mail, instant messaging, video and collaboration across a variety of interfaces, be it PC or web-based clients, telephones and mobile devices or speech.

Contact Center Solutions offer tools that can help you empower your customers, employees and partners build strong business relationships, improve your bottom line and differentiate your business. They deliver just what you need to win in today’s challenging customer economy, where customers control the relationship. With customers in control, it is the experience you are delivering across every channel and touch point that really matters. These experiences will determine the value of your company and increase your bottom line.

Networking Solutions deliver optimized solutions in Data Networking that ensures reliability & resiliency, improves productivity and provides highly available networks for voice & video.

We have a highly trained and motivated technical team to support this business.

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